Guy James Whitworth was born under a wandering star in the industrial North East of England.

Early on he showed a flair for everything artistic and won a handful of drawing prizes whilst still at school. In his late teens he moved to London to attend art school specialising in fashion illustration. Guy’s love of travel meant he wasn’t to be in England too long. After living in London for just long enough to know it wasn’t for him.

Over the following years Guy tried his hand at many trades; model, costume designer, performer, poet and illustrator, with, well, let’s just say varying degrees of success, but after all, who can appreciate success without firstly knowing failure?

After a few re-locations Guy now calls Australia home and resides in Surry Hills in central Sydney. He has returned to his first and constant true love; Art!

Showing his work in many places and in many galleries, in both group and solo shows notably, Clockhouse and The Artesian Well in London and The Tap Gallery and Pine Street Gallery in Sydney. His work is both recognisable yet constantly evolving.

Known for using primary colours where other artists would use pastels, and for his unique style, neither penmanship or painting but a combination of the two.

Primarily a portrait artist, Guy has also completed both architectural and landscape commissions, however his most recognisable work is his full figure stylised nudes in the bold, almost garish palette recognisable in all of his work.

Guy’s solo exhibitions have been a huge hit with both the public, collectors and critics, with ABC online calling him ‘one of the most promising and collectible artists’ around at the moment.

Over the past few years Guy has also turned to documentary film making to get his message and work ‘out there’. A short film about his exhibition “A Queer Aesthetic” is currently doing the round on the film festival circuit. Other films are also currently in the works with a central narrative of creating linking the films together.

Although born under a wandering star, without a doubt there is a very clear pathway ahead for Guy James Whitworth.

Photographers: Nicola Bailey, Chris McKeen, Fliss McKeen, Pete Dovgan and Ryan Alexander


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